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Jett Beauty analyzes the shape, pattern and length of your natural eyelashes before the application of your personally designed extensions. Through this customized process, your eyes will look as natural as the day you were born, enhanced to express the beauty of your own story.

The eyes are the window to your soul


We apply more lashes than most other providers which eliminates the need for any mascara.


Voted THE BEST eyelash studio by WCCO and have been a featured premier lash and beauty studio by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, MN Monthly, Mn Bride Magazine, CBS 4, WCCO TV, The Jason Show, and Twin Cities Live


Eyelash extensions are simply attached by a medical grade adhesive to your own natural lashes.

Lash Services

Jett Beauty was the first in Minnesota and the US to offer eyelash extension services. We use trade secret volume techniques to apply lashes giving you the fullest, eye-catching look!


We only offer the finest eyelash extension materials ranging from synthetic, silk to Siberian mink fur. We also offer a wide range of extension lengths for a customized appearance based on your desired outcome. These services offer longer appointment windows which allows our technicians to apply more lashes which results in a more lush lash line.

VOLUME (Silk & Mink)

Volume offers a wide range of application styles. From a natural look to a more dramatic result, we are able to customize the amount of lashes applied for each natural lash with a hybrid of deluxe, silk and/or real fur mink.

FULL SET Starting at $440
HALF SET Starting at $230
FILL Starting at $80


Silk lashes are a lighter weight, softer and a more luxurious feeling lash. They are a classic application style.

FULL SET Starting at $320
HALF SET Starting at $185
LUXURY FILL Starting at $117
FILL Starting at $65


Synthetic lashes are the first generation lash extension and are most commonly used on the market. They feel more rigid compared to other lash types are are a classic application style.

FULL SET Starting at $230
HALF SET Starting at $140
LUXURY FILL Starting at $85
FILL Starting at $55

Lash Lift Service for Natural Lashes

Our licensed estheticians use silicone molds to lift and curl lashes to perfection lash by lash and then sets them with a nourishing keratin. The treatment creates an instant root lift for natural lashes, the result is longer and fuller looking lashes. This treatment is perfect for clients who don’t like the maintenance factor of lash-extensions but are looking for a youthful enhanced mascara look. Even short or stubbornly straight lashes can be lifted for up to 6-8 weeks. Please note, we cannot perform lash lifts over lash extensions.

Lash Lift $80
Lash Lift & Tint $110
Lash Tint $30

Lower Lash Tint $17

Eyelash Extension Removal Service

We advise that all lash extension clients have their extensions professionally removed as there are no over-the-counter or oil based products to safely remove extensions without causing breakage and damage to natural lashes.
We use a professional lash remover that dissolves and softens the bond of each lash extension to easily slide off natural lashes. Clients lie comfortably with their eyes closed during this gentle process.

 Lash removal $60-$125

Experience the Jett Difference

Experience the Jett Different

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