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Sometimes life is about necessities. Other times, it’s about pure desire. That’s how best I can describe women’s relationship to eyelash extensions. As someone with perfectly normal, average-length lashes, I didn’t need them. But the thought of super lush, semi-permanent fringe filled my head with dreams of mascara-free glamour and impossibly coquettish lash-batting. With the arrival of lash goddess Amy Presson’s salon Jett Makeup to 50th and France, it seemed the perfect time to finally turn my desire into reality.

Opened last fall, Jett offers a full lash bar, complete with a plethora of options from strip lashes to various forms of extensions, as well as an airbrush makeup studio. Presson brings to the new location a long resume of cosmetic expertise, originally founding Jett in 2007. When special event clients clamored for more than mascara or false lashes could provide, Presson became a certified lash extension professional. And as word spread about their services, it wasn’t just brides who were calling. “Active women preferred eyelash extensions since they could literally ‘get up and go’ in the morning without the inconvenience of their daily makeup routine,” Presson says.

While lash extensions might not be new, the way Presson and her team approach them is. “We’re the Twin Cities first eyelash bar, and we have perfected the art of applying eyelash extensions,” she says, referencing the serious lash dedication that comes from making longer the lashes of four to seven clients per day by each lash technician. “And,” she continues, “Our selection of products is unparalleled.” Extensions range from synthetic to silk to real mink fur, while the studio’s selection of lash strips varies from naturally enhanced lashes to dramatic feathered, bejeweled and colored varieties to fit all aesthetics and budgets.

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