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It’s not that I needed eyelash extensions. It’s that when Amy Presson of Jett Makeup practically swatted me with hers, I had to have some, too.

A local makeup artist and certified Lavish Lashes professional, Presson makes a living giving women the ultimate beauty mark: endlessly long, incredibly lush, and perfectly curled lashes. Compared to false eyelashes, which are temporary, and prescription lash-growth serums, which have potentially irritating side effects, eyelash extensions are a high-drama, low-maintenance option for anyone seeking a dark, fluttery fringe.

Presson travels to clients’ homes to apply the extensions, bringing with her the trappings of a spa. While I lay on a heated, pillow-topped table, a soothing mask under my eyes, she attaches black synthetic threads to my upper lashes only using tweezers and an adhesive. It’s a tedious process for Presson, who individually applies about 50 extensions to each eye over the next two hours. For me, however, it’s painless and the perfect excuse to take a nap.

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