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Here they are! Before + Afters of my new mink eyelash extensions from Amy Kelly at Jett Makeup Lash Bar. I’ve had a love affair with extensions for awhile, but these are really something else. For those of you new to this obsession: This is how my lashes look without curling or mascara. You can imagine how proud they do a cat eye. Meow.

The individual mink lashes (humanely captured from the tail of well cared for creatures) are more lush and fluttery and natural-looking than synthetic extensions. Amy tells me they also tend to last longer (about 4 weeks before I’ll need her to fill them in). Of course all of this fabulousness comes at a price: $450 for a full set. Totally worth it if you have a big event, have sparse lashes, or want to shave precious time off of your morning makeup routine. And of course the synthetic extensions are nothing to bat an eye at either, for a more manageable $250/set.

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