Excelsior: 651-371-2650 Edina: 952-856-4888

Everything sounds better when it ends in bar. Particularly when it comes to beauty. Who better to open the Twin Cities’ first eyelash bar than Amy Kelly of Jett Makeup. She gives the best fringe (see: my extensions) and is the sweetest, most steady-handed artist in town. In addition to lash extensions of both the synthetic and mink nature, Amy can hook you up with a set of party-friendly falsies or flawless airbrush makeup application for a big event. I’ve never looked so good on camera or in person than after a visit to see Amy. Her new studio at 50th and France in Edina is just what this town needed. It’s glamorous in the way we all want when we do something well-deserved but a teensy bit indulgent for ourselves, yet approachable enough that you won’t have to deal with the DRAMA of certain salons-that-will-not-be-named.

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